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Blue Sky Thinking - 31 October - 19 November 2005

Jonathan Mosley and Sophie Warren

Blue Sky Thinking - the concept of opening up your mind as widely as possible in discussion, as wide as the blue sky.

Jonathan Mosley & Sophie Warren address the impending redevelopment of the Broadmead area of Bristol juxtaposing the romantized and idealized view of cities with the commercial, political and social forces that shape the built environment.

A city of towers is constructed within an empty shop. Using discarded cardboard boxes of consumer goods, modular building blocks are created and stacked into precarious skyscrapers. These stacks form vertical compositions of fragmented text, logos and brand imagery, populating the emptiness of the unit. The blue of light or sky catches the surface of the towers and slips across the city panoramic, revealing an urban landscape built on the leftovers of commerce.

Blue Sky Thinking will be viewed through the shop windows only. However, Mosley & Warren will also open space to the public on Sat 5th, 12th & 19th November between 12-6pm.