Plan 9

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BRSLAXVAA - 25 November - 18 December 2005

Ralf Antbacka, FinnFemFel, HAMIE, Toby Huddlestone, Joe Stone, Creed Wall, Robert Barry and organisations Platform and Raid Projects.

Click here for the publication relating to BRSLAXVAA

Plan 9 goes trans-global and presents BRSLAXVAA in three different West Coast cities at the same time - Bristol, UK (BRS), Los Angeles, USA (LAX) and Vaasa, Finland (VAA).

BRSLAXVAA will show work from artists from all the three cities, in all the three cities, all at exactly the same time:


Plan 9, 17-19 Penn Street, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3AW, UK
Plan 9, 602 Moulton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 30091 USA
Plan 9, Hovioikeudenpuisto 3, 65100 Vaasa, Finland

Private View and Publication Launch:

24 November 2005 6.00pm-9.00pm (Bristol, UK)
24 November 2005 10.10am-1.10pm (Los Angeles, USA)
24 November 2005 8.10pm-11.10pm (Vaasa, Finland)


25 November - 18 December 2005 12.00pm-6.00pm (Bristol, UK)
25 November - 18 December 2005 4.00am-11.00am (Los Angeles, USA)
25 November - 18 December 2005 2.00pm-8.00pm (Vaasa, Finland)

Plan 9 sends two British artists (Toby Huddlestone and Joe Stone) to Los Angeles and Vaasa. Once there, they will meet their designated American and Finnish counterparts and set about creating artworks dictated to them by Plan 9.

The resulting work and a record of their travels will then be exhibited as part of BRSLAXVAA at the same time at Plan 9 in Bristol, Los Angeles and Vaasa.

An accompanying publication detailing the project will be available each Thursday throughout the duration of the exhibition, at each venue.

Bristol is at 2_ 35' West of Greenwich. All timings are 'Bristol Time' which runs ten minutes later than Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to reflect our more westerly location. GMT was imposed in 1884 to bring the rest of the UK in time with London. The 18th century clock of The Corn Exchange in Bristol's city center has two minute hands so Bristolians can still check their watches against 'London Time' if they so wish.

The Artists

Ralf Andtbacka is a poet, artist and critic based in Vaasa, Finland. Since 2000 he has been the Lead Artist in Literature for the Ostrobothnian Arts Commission and is the Director of the Vaasa Littfest. He has published four collections including Cafe jungfrun (1999) and En fisk som man kan se (2004). Here he produces a text-based performance work in English which Plan 9 translates into native Finnish, leaving the original text purporting to be a translation in English.

FinnFemFel is an artists' project and a 'work in progress', which was started in Finland and then further developed in UmeƂ (Sweden), Budapest and later to other locations. Using Nordic walking, the new form of outdoor activity that has achieved an ever increasingly popularity among the Finns, FinnFemFel are focused on the challenge to artistically intervene in and rework a phenomenon of everyday life. "By introducing the phenomenon in a new context we are also searching for new means of expression and new points of contact."

HAMIE are an artists group based in downtown Los Angeles. The politics of site and the transience of culture in relation to specific sites form inspiration for a mainly lens-based practice detailing the media-referential madness, plasticised paradise and sordid underworld of Southern California.

Toby Huddlestone is a Bristol-based artist whose work relates to institutional and cultural agendas. Contradictions are explored (often through humour) in an attempt to both infiltrate and subvert institutional codes and strategies. Text, video and installation are utilized in order to execute tensions and queries inherent through his practice. The viewer's direct participation is often employed through the artworks in order for an alternative scope for interpretation to occur amidst ambiguous layers of authorship.

Leeds-based Joe Stone works 'situation-specifically', a form of practice coined by the artist himself which should not be mistaken for or compared to site-specificity. It is the situation and the artist's intervention into the specific situation which pragmatises the consciousness of practice. Site actually becomes less important as emphasis on situation is used to formulate works relating specifically to the politics, logistics and coding of situation.

Manchester based artist and musician Creed Wall will telepathically direct Joe Stone (placed in situation) to produce a work rooted in conceptualism. Permission from Robert Barry has been granted to reproduce one of the works as part of his Inert gas series of 1969. Wall's practice takes fictional standpoints as a means to produce process-based works exploring 'notions of nerdiness'.

Platform is an artist-run project and exhibition space for contemporary art in Vaasa. The initial thought is to bring contemporary art to Vaasa, and as the name defines, to give it a platform there. It's a forum that is available for the public as well as the artists of the region. Platform is also an information and meeting point for different fields within art.

Raid Projects is a non-commercial exhibition and curatorial organization that is dedicated to supporting and facilitating innovative cultural production; to ventilating the work of Los Angeles' cultural producers to the world; and to bringing international projects into the Southern California arena.

BRSLAXVAA is supported by the Networking Artists Networks Initiative (NAN) through a-n The Artists Information Company.