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Utstallrumm - 12 - 29 April 2007

Chris Barr, Julian Claxton, Louise Copping, Karen Di Franco, Anton Goldenstein, Darren Honess, Toby Huddlestone, Tom Johnson, Sophie Mellor, John Pym, Sarah Tulloch, Danielle van Zuijlen.

Curated by Toby Huddlestone

Arena posters, crudely made furniture and fittings that donít quite function, suggestions of wallpaper, trees made from picture frames, empty frames that demand more space than they deserve, an exercise bike and Ku Klux Klan ornaments. Itís the multi-functional living space prescribed by modernism gone wrong. Its like someone got bored working in Ikea and decided to throw a really shiny allen key into the works. If only this would happen in Ikea. It hasnít though, and this could only be one thing, an art exhibition.

Here, a familiar showroom format is echoed and subverted through the selected fabrications making up Utstšllrumm. The curated space forces a new interpretation on the works as mere products for which we can cheaply fabricate our homes. The artworks bite back though, through their loyalty to what they are and we are left with things that sit uncomfortably between artwork and product, transforming an empty unit into a diverse and weird interior haven.