Plan 9

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Plan 9 Trade Union - 27 June - 24 July 2008


Plan 9 Trade Union Logo

Q. What will I be if I'm not an artist?
A. Think of how many people have gotten laid without even talking about art **

Waiters, invigilators, cafe workers, bookshop staff, technicians - artists spend the majority of their careers not being artists in order to support their practice.

Plan 9 Trade Union has been set up to radicalise artworkers in their satellite careers.

The Art Workers Coalition of the 1970's called for the end of art institutions.
The Art Strike of the 1990's called for the end of art.
Plan 9 Trade Union calls for covert sedition rather than overt cessation.

Plan 9 Trade Union artworkers will be staffing the Arnolfini's Far West Metro Store at The Mall, Broadmead, Bristol from 27 June until 24 July.

To read the negotiated documents and to be kept informed of any Trade Union activities during this project then please visit the Plan 9 Trade Union blog:

The Far West Metro store is on the ground floor of The Mall Bristol between Dr & Herbs Chinese Remedies and Woolworths.
For a location map and access information visit:

For further information about Far West visit:

** Question number 7 from '20 of the most difficult, awkward and searching questions you could ask about the art strike (1990-1993), YAWN, Sept 22, 1989.