Plan 9

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All Our Worst Work / 2 February 2007

Chris Barr, Kayle Brandon, Julian Claxton, Nimjo Chung, Rachel Connelly, Karen Di Franco, Anton Goldenstein, Toby Huddlestone, Julie McCalden, Tom Johnson, Alisdair Jones, John Lawrence, Sophie Mellor, Jonathan Mosley, Sarah Tulloch, Sophie Warren.

All Our Worst Work All Our Worst Work

Digging in and clearing out, Plan 9 showcases the first outing of PLAN 9 PROJECTS. Timed to coincide with the reopening of the Spike Island galleries, PLAN 9 PROJECTS stage an event that marks its own spiritual birth with nothing but the placenta of its worst work to build on.

All our worst work is gathered together, burnt, attached to giant firework and fired up into the sky.

Referencing sacrifice, the confessional, ritual burial and rebirth, the unhallowed ground of Sydney Row will become Plan 9 Projects impermanent resting place, a place of:

"conscious, productive misunderstanding where everything is in a permanent state of transformation. Everything is changing"

"Succour for the succourless"

"A timely reaction to the sentimental hegemony of new art"

"History is made at night"

All Our Worst Work All Our Worst Work