Plan 9

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Somewhere Here - 4 October - 3 December 2008

Brian Griffiths Craig Fisher

Laura Bel, Simon Buckley, Nim Jo Chung, Karen Di Franco, Craig Fisher, Brian Griffiths, Sophie Mellor, Ellen Wilkinson.
Curated by Anton Goldenstein.

Somewhere Here presents the work of eight artists on eight advertising hoardings situated throughout Bristol city centre, a centre that has recently been redeveloped with 120 new shops opening in a time of economic crisis. Plan 9 has slipped in between this gap between fantasy and reality, hijacking advertising space to provide the beleaguered shopper with a brief respite during the fall of capitalism.

Brian Griffiths extends his recent interest in posters and typography (Life is a Laugh for Art on the Underground 2007, Alive for A Foundation Liverpool 2007) with another blunt statement: The End of it. He quietly taps into the routines of daily life and hints at the grandness and absurdity of the human predicament and history. The poster with its outdated design and shabby appearance, appears like an artifact left from another time.

Playing with the aspirational nature of advertising, Sophie Mellor states "All the ways you wish you could be, that's me. I look like you wanna look, I f**k like you wanna f**k, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that you are not.” Aimed at the target of the majority of adverts, Mellor’s poster tantalisingly invites 52% of the population to meet her by her billboard on 29 November at 5pm, and join her Girl Gang.

Taking inspiration from the architecture of the previous post war development and the aspiration of modernist ideas, Karen Di Franco has created a collage that reflects on the ideas of redevelopment and lost memories.

The exhibition includes sites on St Mary Redcliffe Way, Prince Street (by the corner of Queen Square), the St Phillip Barton Roundabout and Broadmead (opposite Debenhams).

Somewhere Here is supported by Bristol City Council.

Sophie Mellor Laura Bel

Simon Buckley Ellen Wilkinson

Nim-Jo Chung Karen Di Franco


top line - Brian Griffiths, Craig Fisher
second line - Sophie Mellor, Laura Bel
third line - Simon Buckley, Ellen Wilkinson
fourth line - Nim-Jo Chung, Karen Di Franco