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Martin Kippenburger with Fries and a Shake - 5-20 May 2007

Dylan Barker, Richard Box, Milo Brennan, Kieran Brown, Ryan Brown, Emily Clay, Rhys Coren, Nathan Edmunds, Laura Ellis, Richard Hames, Darren Honess, Tom Johnson, Penny Jones, Eamon O'Kane, Ben J Pollock, Elizabeth Rowe, Melanie Russell, Paul Sandameer, Savage, Lady Stubbs, Emma Sullivan.
Curated by Anton Goldenstein.

There have been many pivotal moments in history, early mans harnessing of fire, the discovery of penicillin and the invention of the burger.

Created around the year AD907by the Mongolians, the burger took its earliest form as a lamb or mutton patty (tenderised under the saddle and eaten on horseback). The history of the burger and its influence on society has since been prolific and now twenty two artists celebrate this monumental yet misunderstood icon.

Martin Kippenburger with Fries and a Shake promises a visual feast. The burger - its antecedents and its influences in glorious technicolour and presented in a multitude of shapes and form.

Sullied in the recent past by the likes of Morgan "I like to overeat" Spurlock and Dr Gillian "may not be qualified" McKeith, Martin Kippenburger with Fries and a Shake will rejuvenate the love of burgers whilst nourishing your senses.