Plan 9

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Gatsobyter / 21 May - 4 June 2005

Matt Stokes, Mike Stubbs, Kieran Brown, Pak Kan Chan, Ina Hume, The Caravan Gallery, Jack Newling and Angus Sanders-Dunnachie.

Gatsobyter Gatsobyter launch

Wind down the windows, crack open the sun roof and turn up the volume for Plan 9's early summer cruising season look at street car culture.

Matt Stokes, Kieran Brown and Angus Sanders-Dunnachie will work with local young people in a hands-on series of workshops, pimping their ride as they makeover a car in-store at the former Beatties model shop in Penn Street, Broadmead.

GATSOBYTER will also feature art installations, DJ/mixing, computer games, artists videos, customised radio control car racing and talks on car culture.

Plan 9 will also be producing a publication including imagery and text by academics, artists and the racers themselves to be launched at the end event on 4 June.

Gatsobyter Pak Kan Chan Gatsobyter

Proposed events include:

> Instore car make over by artists Matt Stokes, Angus Sanders-Dunnachie and Kieran Brown [coming out of workshops with local young people] with technical assistance from Trevor Hudson, [Motofix, Swindon].
> DJ/ mixing with young people from the Basement Studios.
> Trials of racing/crashing computer games including: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas; Mashed, Burnout 3, Gran Turismo.
> Customised radio control car racing.
> Videos by Pak Kan Chan, Mike Stubbs and Ina Hume examining the realities of cruising and donutting.
> Talk and workshops with Zannagh Hatton - Social Research and Regeneration Unit (SRRU), University of Plymouth - leading anthropologist on cruising and street car culture.
> Installations by Jack Newling and Plan 9 incorporating documentary material and artefacts collected by SRRU from Cornish Boy Racers.
> Photographs by Ina Hume and The Caravan Gallery.

Gatsobyter launch Gatsobyter Drive By

29 April - 2 May (Bank Holiday)
Prelude to GATSOBYTER at Spike Island Open Studios, Bristol
Plan 9 will be racing radio controlled cars customised by Sophie Mellor, Kieran Brown and Angus Sanders-Dunnachie around a course by Jack Newling.
14 - 20 May
Workshops with young people. Start of work on car and installations.
21 May - 4 June
Exhibition open to public (12-6 Weds - Fri, 10-5 Saturday) - work on car continues.

21 May
Music from the Basement Studios.
Computer games and R/C racing.

28 May
Talk by Zannagh Hatton - followed by discussion and screenings.

4 June
Finale - Plan 9 car joins Broadmead drive by involving local racers, cruisers, dragsters and classic car enthusiasts. Includes launch of the show's accompanying publication. Music from the Basement Studios.

Gatosbyter Matt Stokes Gatsobyter

Gatsobyter Matt Stokes Gatsobyter - Kieran Brown, Angus Sanders-Dunnachie