Plan 9

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Friday 13th / 14 - 22 November 2009


Preview: Friday 13 November 2009, 6-9pm
Exhibition continues: Saturday 14 - Sunday 22 November 2009
Gallery open: Thurs-Sat, 12-6pm

Nadine Byrne - Jamie Bracken Lobb - Craig Dixon - Adam Higton - Hakon Holm Olsen - Sophie Kern - Anouk Mercier - Andreas Samuelsson - Bristol Diving School


Friday 13th is a group exhibition celebrating the diverse ways in which drawing can inform art practice. As an integral part of completed artworks or oneof several components forming a practice, drawing can be both a tool used to plan and design or a key element in the formulating of ideas and concepts. The works presented in the exhibition demonstrate through a range of styles and medium both the versatility of drawing and its continued relevance in art practices today. In doing so, they will illustrate the evolution of this particular art form to maintain a variety of roles in contemporary practices.

Drawing based events will take place within the gallery alongside the exhibition. These will be organised by the Bristol Drawing Club and will include a life drawing session as well as an informal drawing social where everyone is invited to come and draw in a relaxed and friendly environment. The Bristol Drawing Club runs regular sessions in various locations all over Bristol  (

Bristol Diving School is a project space founded in 2008 by a collective who seek to develop new formats for art events that use the workings of the group dynamic in their formulation and execution, focusing on successful collaboration and unification.

Nadine Byrne is an artist and musician from Stockholm, Sweden.  Byrnes practice combines her own personal spiritual experiences, wisdom and familiarity with the occult; from this, Nadine has begun forming her own unique mythological cult, with its own set of rituals, costumes and symbols; drawing for Nadine is a way of transcending and reaching a magical state.

Craig Dixon is motivated by study and the pursuit of perfecting his own visual language and becoming fluent in it. The selected pieces show a clear learning-inspired and evolving process through the behaviour of the artist’s brushwork, medium and technique. The works are from a series of paintings using projection techniques, altering scale and colour.

Håkon Holm-Olsen currently lives and works in Bergen, Norway. Håkon graduated with a BA-degree in Fine Art from Bergen National Academy of the Arts (Khib) in 2009.  Working mainly with drawing, sculpture and animation, his imagery is nostalgic, mysterious and is often inspired by his large collection of found objects and magazine clippings. Håkon Holm-Olsen has exhibited in Norway, Sweden and the U.K. since 2006.

Sophie Kern is an illustrator currently living and working in London. Sophie takes great pleasure in creating mysterious and otherwordly characters and creatures; heavily inspired by her passion for the supernatural, the paranormal, occultism, animism, mysticism, folklore and all things unworldly

Anouk Mercier currently lives and works in Bristol. Her drawings rely heavily on the nostalgia of Romanticism, mythology and storytelling. Inspired by images from fashion magazines, Romantic landscapes and 18th century painted wall decorations, they present the viewer with theatricality and prompt narratives. Her practices’ combined dependence on Romantic ideology and contemporary imagery illustrates the continuous search for escapism through the portrayal of the ideal. Anouk is also the co-founder of the Bristol Drawing Club and a member of Bristol-based artist collective Plan 9.

Andreas Samuelson is a visual artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Graduating from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, 2004; has since then been working on a freelance basis. His works covers designs for magazines, posters, t-shirts, textiles, wallpapers and advertising. He has also been involved in various art projects and several group exhibitions. He curated a typographic charity project called Animalphabet during 2007-09 to support Unicef.

Jamie Bracken Lobb currently lives and works in Bristol. For the work selected in this exhibition he aims via a clean line of conceptual operation, to re-present and offer new readings of a familiar collection of imagery. Allowed their own sculptural space, these fragments are given another chance through isolation and repetition. Removed from a narrative responsibility they offer a sensory proposition with a penultimate moment reoccurring ad infinitum.

Adam Higton, inspired by the ancient animistic folk-religions, mysticism and obscure 1970s progressive rock and folk music, Adam Higton formed the Yule Bringer Saga in 2009. Adam spends his days creating an ever-growing collection of woodland folk characters, biro drawings, music and felt works to convey his own mystical folk tales of merriment and joviality. Adam also runs the Jovial Woods Collection of Artist Books, a non-profit publishing project, working with over twenty international artists, illustrators and musicians; producing exclusive artist books for future events and exhibitions around the UK and Europe. A.H. currently lives and works in Bristol.