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Crazy Golf Part II / 12 June - 3 July 2005

Kieran Brown, James Ireland, Eamon O'Kane, Chris Barr, Emily Clay, Tom Johnson, Richard Hames, Andy Robson, Darren Honess and Anton Goldenstein.

Crazy Golf part II is a nine-hole indoor putting course where each hole has been individually created by one of a disparate bunch of contemporary artists. It is an art exhibition with a difference; the public need not have any interest in art in order to play the exhibition, and the reverse is also true, the public need not have any interest in mini-golf in order to come and see the show, there is an intention to blur the lines between what is an earnest art show and the idea of a mini-golf course. On arrival, participants will buy/rent a golf ball and then proceed to play their way around the course. The course is entitled Crazy Golf part II as it is intended as the sequel to any crazy or mini golf course that you may have come across. Of the 10 artists involved in the realization of the exhibition, nine are producing the holes, and one is creating the billboard/sign (a necessary element to all mini golf courses).

The mini-golf course is brought to you by the Chuck Norris art group.

Crazy Golf Part II Crazy Golf Part II - Chris Barr

Crazy Golf Part II - Eamon O'Kane Crazy Golf Part II