Plan 9

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The Coming Insurrection - a reading and discussion / 02 August 2009

Rebecca Weeks
Sunday 2 August, 14:00hrs
Plan 9, Bridewell Street, Bristol

Last autumn a group of activists and thinkers living in Tarnac (France) were arrested under suspicion of terrorist activities because of suspected links to a text titled 'The Coming Insurrection' which had been anonymously authored and disseminated over the internet. The text is connected with a collective of individuals using the name 'Tiqqun'. The group who came to be known as the 'Tarnac 9' have all since been released without charge.

What these occurrences mean, what criminalisation through association with a text and a community means to the future of dissent, and more generally free speech, should be discussed. Such a discussion has taken place in New York, organised by 16 Beaver. Join us at Plan 9 for a discussion of the text. the findings will be shared with 16 Beaver.

>> Download 'The Coming Insurrection' (pdf, 60 pages)

>> Download notes from 'The Coming Insurrection' discussion held on 2 August 2009 at Plan 9 (pdf)

> Part of Summer of Dissent