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Everybody Move Now / 9 July 2009

Ali Jones
First readings to take place: Thursday 9 July 2009,18:00hrs to dusk
Leigh Woods, Bristol

A map of the location and further details can be found at

Drawing inspiration from François Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451, Everybody Move Now invites the curious and the critical to journey out of the city to consider their relationship to the state. In a series of events taking place in woodlands at the Bristol city limits, printed texts will be nailed to trees for people to read and engage with, alone or collectively. Fahrenheit 451 closes in a woodland where enemies of the state – the book people - internalise one book each, repeating it aloud as they pace around their place of exile. This radical act keeps literature alive, in a culture that has rejected the dangerous ideas that exist beyond the constant flux of state-sanctioned media. Symbolically removing ourselves from the commodification of urban life, Everybody Move Now will explore issues surrounding citizenship and the power relations placed on bodies within a legal territory.

> Part of Summer of Dissent