Plan 9

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Reception - 13 March 2009


Friday 13 March 2009
7.30pm / £3 on the door

Reception Plan 9 Feb 2009

For one night only – RECEPTION, the first in a series of theatrically curated events which take a dynamic and multi-disciplinary approach to a single topic, featuring elements of lecture, performance, sound and film, and all that falls between.

From the outset we have been deeply impressed with the seriousness of our undertaking, and have fully recognized that persons eminent in intelligence and attainments yield to the ethereal, the incarnate, the spiritual an entire credence - and who can fail to stand aside in tender reverence when crushed and bleeding hearts are seen to seek it for consolation and for hope?

The only assurance which we can offer of our earnestness and zeal is in presenting to you, from time to time, such fragmentary demonstrations as will comprise the coming evening, whereby we trust that successive steps in our progress may be marked.

We, in such a spirit, humbly offer a more complete bill of those joining our meeting:

Mdm. Jantine Wijnja, (who will unveil Wild Metaphysics, a multi-faceted investigation into the social history of the paranormal in the Netherlands)      
Mr. Andrew Reynolds, automatic draughtsman (on a Synaptic Voyage throughout the evening)  
Mr. Stuart McAdam, sound collector (glossolalia over black-metal guitar squall)
Mr. G. Leddington & friends (performing The end of a zero, New Orleans funeral dirge + procession)
Mr. Don Foard, artist, writer and medium (he talks with dead artists)
The Glamourous (bringing the voices of the largely forgotten Beat Girls back to life in a beautiful and uncanny form)
Dr. Christine Mohr and Mdm. Sara Simblett, University of Bristol's Experimental Psychology Department (exploring the links between magical beliefs, creativity and supernatural belief in associative thinking) 
Mr. Tom Robinson and Mr. Gavin Maitland, ghostbusters (recording transmissions from the Bridewell cells)
Radio Orchestra (tuning in to John Cage’s Imaginary Landscape No.4)
Fordvogeltechnik Presents: An Evening With Wernher (+ His Birds) (awaiting your questions)
Moving Pictures from Harry Smith ("made by God"), Susan Hiller, David Hall and more

Also on the evening: radio transmissions from the earth itself, investigations into allegations of devilish gramophone messages, and OTHER MANIFESTATIONS.

[With apologies to the Seybert Comission, charged with investigating spiritual manifestations, University of Pennsylvania, 1883 – 87]

*RECEPTION is produced by ALIALANI with support from Plan 9 and Spike Associates.

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