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The Seed / 26 February 2009


Natasha MacVoy

Lucy Red

Zoë Williams










The Seed was a one night only event punctuating an ongoing collaborative project between artists Natasha MacVoy, Lucie Red and Zoë Williams. The Seed explored the disintegration of boundaries between sculpture, installation and performance through a spectacle of excess and frivolity.

This 2 hour event saw gilded performers throw languorous poses over a glittering hologram stage, whilst a black and coral encrusted baroque mass swayed over head to the tune of a harps’ subtle laments. Spectators were encouraged to ‘dress exquisitely’ and were lavished upon with free champagne and patisserie. This evening was designed to present the viewer with a feast of visual and sensory excess over a short burst of time. The emphasis being very much on the idea of a one-night affair, not an ongoing exhibition is integral to the air of exclusivity and decadence that we wish ‘The Seed’ to emanate.



Installation view of 'The Seed The Seed