Plan 9

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Plans for The Past and The Future / 9 January - 15 February 2009

'Plans for The Past and for The Future' Invitation Eamon O'Kane










Gallery Installation

Plans for The Past and The Future is the fifth part of a touring exhibition by Eamon O’Kane, gathered under the banner of CASE HISTORIES. This penultimate project at Plan 9 looked at architecture and history, where the gallery was transformed into a furniture workshop/studio where the artist worked with local carpenters to construct a replica set of tables and chairs from the 1600s, identical to those used by King James II that were situated under a sycamore tree in the garden of O’Kane’s parents’ house in Ireland. The furniture was made out of the tree itself, which was hit by lightning in 1999.

There was also a talk at the gallery continuing the themes of the exhibition Plans for the Past and The Future. Eamon O’Kane was 'in conversation' with Paul Hobson, Director of the Contemporary Art Society, discussing his practice, the show at Plan 9 and the other exhibitions that have been gathered under the banner, CASE HISTORIES.


Eamon O'Kane in conversation with Paul Hobson, Director of the Contemporary Art Society


Container Studio

O'Kane is also presented Container Studio, a development of the Mobile Studio work for which O' Kane received an EV+A open award from Dan Cameron in 2005. This work, which was situated offsite in Bristol city centre, consisted of a shipping container converted into a studio space where O'Kane investigated the architecture and urban planning of Bristol over the years using Le Corbusier's plans for Paris as a blueprint.

Plans for the Past and the Future was supported by Bristol City Council


Installation of the off-site 'Container Studio' - image - Eamon O'Kane Interior detail of 'Container Studio' - image by Eamon O'Kane