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Peter Rosvik - Plan 9 Artist in Residence - February 2009

Artist Talk - Wednesday 11 February 2009, 6pm

Peter Rosvik

Plan 9 is delighted to welcome Peter Rosvik as artist in residence. Peter's residency is part of an exchange between Plan 9 and Platform in Vaasa, Finland. Peter has a performance based practice that encompasses sound and video. He will be in residence at Plan 9 until the end of February 2009.

Peter Rosvik –
Platform -

Artist Statement

“Throughout my art practice runs a concern about what connotations foreign, outside or excluded people or material/phenomena’s make in political, cultural, media, symbolic and/or other normative systems in society.

I explore the possibilities that strategies of bracketing, exposing and editing cultural artefacts create as both conceptual and contextual transfers in the artists' mind.

My artworks emphasize the friction and tension that always appears between normative and subversive aesthetics. The exploration is not a violence on political, cultural or other kind of predominant forces but a means of subverting ideas of the normative represented culture.

Recently my interest has turned towards performance art. The character of 'art as a ritual' that performance art expresses relates to my idea of reproducing and collecting everyday and functional material in a setting that makes it non-functional in a certain moment. Through the performances, I accept and challenge that my artwork is closely bound to my private identity and I explore meaning-making in life as unexpected outcomes from the situated moments my performances create.

The outcomes from my art practice form a poetic documentary, in the sense that the material I use is full of biographical, historical, and fictional references that are connected to my subjective imagination, becoming so basic and general - allowing every spectator to find something that they can relate to and react on, and thereby discuss their relations to contemporary art”