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Generation Games / 11 September - 8 October 2005

Yvonne Buchheim, Lucy Cox, Dunhill & O'Brien, Emily Kraemer, David Mabb, Dillan Marsh, Tom Marshman, Cleis Masterson, Martin Parr, Paul Seawright and Elin Thomas.

The artists' line-up is now confirmed as the game gains pace - five emerging Bristol-based artists are taking their cue from more established names to find the winning formula.

The emerging artists on the Generation Games panel are teaming up with their more illustrious mentors to produce new work over a short intensive collaboration period, exploring the notion of what it means to be 'established' and the dynamics of inter-generational partnership working.

Generation Games Artists

Martin Parr is currently showing in Mannheim, Germany with 'Think of England and Germany' and at the Maison Europeene de la Photographie in France. For Generation Games he will be showing an image by an unknown artist from his own collection, along side an image by Belfast photographer Paul Seawright. Parr taught Paul Seawright at Farnham College in the 1980s and brought the photograph from Seawright whilst he was still a student. Seawright, having lived through some of the worst years of Sectarian violence in the Belfast, revisited some of these murder scenes and juxtaposed these images with the reports from the local papers.

Generation Games - Martin Parr Generation Games - Martin Parr Generation Games - Paul Seawright (background), Cleis Masterson (foreground)

Elin Thomas is based at Mivart Studios in Bristol and her recent work spans meticulous drawings and prints exploring notions of the art/craft divide, as well as 'exploded paintings' and painting performances. Her chosen mentor is David Mabb. Much of his recent work looks at the output of designer and activist William Morris, and recent projects include Jaipur Heritage International Festival, and 'Ministering to the Swinish Luxury of the Rich', Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

Generation Games - Elin Thomas Generation Games - Emily Kramer

Emily Kraemer graduated this year from UWE with a series of short films about social identity and conformity / non-conformity. She creates narratives built around adopted characters and habits. Tom Marshman is a performance artist whose work focuses on lifestyle, habits, the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Tom has exhibited at the Arnolfini & Watershed in Bristol, and The Green Room in Manchester. Recent works include 'Keeping his Feet on the Ground' performed in an allotment.

Dillan Marsh, sculptor/installation artist/designer of illogical items. His Generation Games mentors, Tamiko O'Brien and Mark Dunhill, are intrigued by "the curious business of making art collaboratively"; their work employs elaborate devices and procedures, allowing these to generate the form of the work. Dunhill & O'Brien's recent collaborations include a Scholarship at the British School in Rome and exhibitions at the Tithe Barn, Bradford-on-Avon and the Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham

Cleis Masterson is another recent UWE graduate whose work uses mock interviews to challenge existing notions of celebrity and its attendant power. She has 'interviewed' Jeff Koons and Christian Boltanski. Faced with the unavailability of her proposed mentors, Cleis has decided to embark on an imaginary dialogue with Phil Collins, whose work shares many of her concerns. She hopes this may provide the impetus for a real dialogue when time allows.

Generation Games - Dillan Marsh Generation Games - Lucy Cox, Yvonne Buchhiem

Lucy Cox makes films, photographs and graphic images inspired by text and rooted in the process of drawing. She is working with Yvonne Buchheim whose recent projects include shows in Athens, Greece; Cork, Ireland and Waldkraiburg Germany and a three month Residency in Weimar culminating in a show at the ACC Galerie. Lucy is using as source material Yvonne's project 'Die Singende Stadt', which created a contemporary song archive with 168 participants in Weimar, challenging viewers' opinions on identity and stereotypes.