Plan 9

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Film 9 presents - 'Ed Wood' 28 August 2008

Start 7pm, free entry

The strange but true story of one man, his unwavering artistic vision, and his angora sweaters. Though he would eventually be voted "the worst director of all time", Ed Wood's campy, DIY influence on Burton is undeniable, and here Burton pays tribute to the auteur's semi-deluded bravado which resulted in such B-movie classics as Glen or Glenda? and Plan 9 from Outer Space. A witty and warm celebration of the creative process, no matter how shoddy the results, featuring a host of fantastic performances particularly from Martin Landau as Wood's ailing muse Bela Lugosi, and Bill Murray as bitchy pre-op transsexual Bunny Breckinridge.

Tim Burton, 1994, 127m

Part of a series of films screened to go alongside 'Double Yes' - programmed by Anna Searle.